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Choosing the Right Material For Retaining Walls

A retaining wall in Atlanta is one of the most important aspects of the landscape. This wall protects a home or business from flooding. There are many factors to consider when choosing a material for your wall.

Some materials are more suitable than others for a retaining wall. Cedar stone are the most popular choices for a retaining wall. If your property has steep slopes, consider using stone to form a design or tile design. If your property has straight slopes, consider using stone. Cedar is ideal for flat properties.

Tile can be used to design a retaining wall Atlanta. It is also less expensive. Tile can be cut to a variety of sizes and shapes. This makes it easy to create a wall that can accommodate different sizes of items that need to be stored.

Stone can be used as the base for a retaining wall. The walls can be lined with stone to add some color and character. Stone is not necessarily the best choice for retaining walls because it can add noise to the sound of water running off of the property. Stone can add some visual interest, but the materials are not very durable. They also cannot be cleaned very easily.

Stone can be used for a wall that is behind a house that needs to keep water from seeping into the yard. The floor of the wall will be covered with gravel, leaving a smooth surface. This is perfect for storing items that are non-porous. Stone can also be used as a walkway or driveway for vehicles to enter and exit the property.

Cedar wood is another option for a retaining wall in Atlanta. Cedar wood is more affordable than stone, but it is not as durable. Cedar wood, like stone, can add some character to the landscape.

Timber should be selected carefully when purchasing a wood product for a retaining wall. Timber can be easily damaged if the water runs downhill or if the water that hits the wall finds its way into the bed of the log. If the wood is not properly sealed, it can absorb moisture and can cause rot.

Oak is another material that can be used for a retaining wall. This material can be harder than stone and is more durable. There are varying levels of stain that can be used on this material to give it a unique look. Oak wood can be painted to enhance the character of the wall.

Wood and stone can be used for a retaining wall. When considering the materials, consider the weather conditions at your property. This will help you determine which materials will work best for your area.

If the wood is exposed to rain and snow, it can be easier to damage. If the wood is sealed properly, it will hold up better. Stones that are exposed to rain and snow can crumble if they are not properly treated. The treated stone will resist wood chips and stones from falling off the wall.

Wood should be chosen depending on how it will look. If the look of the wall is similar to that of wood decking, then a siding material may be best. If the wall is exposed to a lot of moisture, the wall should be made of stone or tile.

When deciding which material to use for a retaining wall in Atlanta, consider the state of the property and the surroundings. When working with contractors, the same contractor will determine what material to use for the wall. Check with them to make sure that the design will compliment the surrounding neighborhood.